About Homegrown

As a Jersey City native, Keith Suthammanont saw that there was a something missing in the fitness industry in his hometown. After years of working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor in New York City, Keith thought it was time he brought his passion and work back home to Jersey City.

The focus of Homegrown Athletics is to bring high quality, but affordable, fitness to Jersey City. Whether it’s group fitness classes, private or team training, Homegrown Athletics’ mission is to provide high quality athletic instruction.

Keith Suthammanont

Keith Bio PicKeith Suthammanont is a certified USA-W Sports Performance Coach that has worked in the fitness industry for over 7 years. He started out, like many others, personal training at a big box commercial gym in New York City. Not long after, he left to work in a private setting, teaching small group fitness classes. For the past few years, Keith has been managing and training at a Sports Performance training facility in Morris County.

He has worked with a wide range of clients–from grade school to professional athletes. While Keith attended Brooklyn College as a major in Exercise Science, he was certified as a Sports Performance Coach. When he’s not training, Keith enjoys playing football and hockey, photography, and coffee.