Sports Performance Training

youth agility trainingOur Sports Performance Training Program trains young athletes in preparation of their season. Our performance coaches will lead you through a workout focused on SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness) training, injury prevention, general conditioning, and sport specific drills. The offseason is a time to get stronger, faster, and more competitive, so get a leg up on the competition by training hard with Homegrown!

Sports Performance Training is available in private training sessions, small groups, or  team settings.

What Happens During Training

Depending upon duration and training goals, the session will include a combination of:

Warm Up – Get the body ready to move with a complete warm up including dynamic stretching, mobility and bodyweight exercises.

Strength – The foundation of any athlete is strength. Our program will ensure your strength is functional for your sport and will help prevent chronic injuries.

SAQ (Speed Agility Quickness) – In field and court sports, the importance of SAQ cannot be overstated.

Conditioning – At the end of the game, you can almost always see which team was better conditioned. Don’t let your opponent outwork you!

Corrective Exercises/Cool Down – Make sure you stay on the field by correcing any muscular imbalances before injury occurs.